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10.05.2014:I have received the following request. If anyone can help please let me know, Ian.

Hello Ian,

I found your RMP website fascinating. I don't know if you are able to help but I am restoring a 1958 2 wheel drive land rover - one of only 665 made in that form. They were apparently made either for the MPs or driver training. Its army number is 02 CE 70. I have trawled your photos hoping to see it but no luck! I wonder if any ex=service men may remember this vehicle. I would love to know more of its history. This is what I do know (from the chap who runs the Champ site):CHASSIS 111801088 IS FROM WAR OFFICE [ARMY] CONTRACT 6/VEH/26222 DATED 4 OCTOBER 1957 FOR CARS [LATER AMENDED TO TRUCK] 1/4 TON COMMERCIAL UTILITY LIGHT 4X2 ROVER MK5. YOUR VEHICLE'S ARMY REGISTRATION WAS 02 CE 70 AND ENTERED SERVICE ON 21 FEB 1958 UNDER ARMY FORM GENERAL 1033-ISSUE & RECEIPT VOUCHER No ASC/R/3497/226. ASC WAS 12th ROYAL ARMY ORDNANCE CORPS B VEHICLE DEPOT ASHCHURCH IN GLOUCESTERSHIRE. THIS WAS THE DEPOT THAT ISSUED YOUR VEHICLE WHEN NEW TO ITS FIRST MILITARY UNIT AND THE ACTUAL USER. STRUCK OFF CENSUS AT WD STORAGE & DISPOSAL DEPOT RUDDINGTON IN NOTTIGHAMSHIRE ON 24 NOV 1966 AND PROBABLY EX TERRITORIAL ARMY MILITARY POLICE [1960'S].

Regards Colin Britt.

*************************************************************************************************************** 05.02.2011: I have received this request from Baden Wilson:Proposed Reunion. Squad R22B-Inkerman Barracks, Woking Surrey. . John Herbert and Baden (Taff) Wilson would like to hear from their colleagues of Squad R22B, with a view to a 50th Anniversary meeting. John is based in Koln, Germany and Baden is since retired. Personnel who wish to make contact should telephone Baden on 01902 845299. We would be so pleased if you could help on this occasion. Yours Aye, Baden Wilson. ........................................................................................................................................................................................................

14.11.2010:Will KARU-KNP please contact me again as I have mislaid your e-mail address. Someone wishes to contact you regarding 5 Dog Coy.

31.03.2010:I have received this request from Karu KNP Can anyone answer please?

"Dear Sir, I served with the British Army Depot Police (ADP - FARELF) from 1969 to 1971. This unit was based at 3 BOD, at Depot Road. The Commanding Offiicer and Adjuntant of this Unit were Officers from the ROYAL MILITARY POLICE.

Our Headquarters was at Depot Road , facing the 3 BASE ORDNANCE DEPOT (ARMY STORES). Just below our Headquarters was the RAOC Printing Press. I was wondering if anyperson by chance has taken any photos of our HQ which was on a high ground up the road or if someone has by chance taken any photos of our unit personnel on Dury at the Main Gate entrance to 3 BOD or at any army installations.

Another very interesting subject is the 5 Gurkha Dog Company. I read from your website that 5 Dog Company, RMP became 5 Gurkha Dog Company in 1961. Would like to know more about this 5 Gurkha Dog Company. When I was working as an ADP in 3 BOD, the SHED 24 (Small ARMS SHED) , as it was known was guarded by German Shepherds from this Unit. By that time (1969), the Gurkhas who were on duty at this Shed were no more. They have handed over their duties to the personell from the RAVC both BOR (BRITISH OTHER RANKS) and MOR (Malayan Other Ranks). I was wondering when the Gurkha handed over their dutiies to the RAVC.

I believe the Gurkhas who were with the 5 Gurkha Dog Company were volunteers from the 2ND KEO Gurkha Rifles who were based at Slim Barracks, Portsdown Road. Could some one give me more insight into this 5 Gurkha Dog Company or maybe have some photos of it.

I thank-you very much and hope to receive some response for this e-mail. Please feel free to e-mal to me at the above e-mail address. Thanks and regards .Karu NKP".

30.03.2010:Can anyone help with this enquiry? "Hello Ian, A friend of mine is restoring a Triumph TRW motorcycle, 04 EN 28, which served with 1 (Br) Corps Provo Coy (1965 - 72) & 115 Provp Coy (June - Dec 72). Where were the units based at this time and does anyone remember the bike or have any photos of it or other TRWs in service with the RMP. Hoping you can help me! Peter Hall".

04.01.2010:I've had the following request from PETER TOWNSEND, who lives in Devon and cannot remember his squad number. Can anyone who served with Peter help identify which squad he was in and supply a squad photo if they have one please?
"I tranferred from the Devonshire Regiment during 1956 (I can't remember when!!) to the RMP at Inkerman Barracks-the RSM at the time was Harry Burden and my excellent squad instructor was Sgt Pallister. On completion of training I was posted to 158 Provost Company, then at Gordon Barracks Bulford, and waslater seconded to the SIB at Wilton House (Southern Command), which I enjoyed so much. I wanted to sign on (and was encouraged to do so), but my fiancee was having none of it, and so I was routinely demobbed. I have, on occasions, regretted to this day not remaining in the Corps on SIB duties-I actually enjoyed waking up each morning and going to work which would never have been thought possible!! I've checked squad and MT photos but can't seemyself anywhere. I don't suppose that you have a UK contact here-somebody who organises getting the like-minded together. There is an RMPA branch in Somerset, but it's a bit too far away really. I'd like to hear back from you if possible".

16.10.2009:I have received this request from former RMP DAVID LITTLEMORE who served in Cyprus 1956/7. ".............this I year visited the Waynes Keep Military Cemetery. I'm going back next month for the Remembrance Day and the Memorial Stone dedication and wondered if any other ex MPs from the EOKA days will be there?"
If anyone will be attending, please let me know and I will inform David. Ian.

13.08.2009:Can any former RMP who served in Malta answer this request that I have received from Dr.John Schofield please?
"Hello, I am a researcher writing a social history or a renowned (or notorious) part of Valletta (Malta) Strait Street. A lot of people we have spoken to refer to the Red Caps, who were obviously a significant presence there, and I wondered if you could advise me on two things: 1) who I should contact about any archives/documents or general history of Red Caps in Malta; and 2) how best can I send a circular email (or post a request for information) to ex Red Caps who may have stories to tell? Any advice would be gratefully received. With many thanks. Dr John Schofield".

24.07.2009:I have received this request-can anyone help please?
"Dear Webmaster. I'm hoping you have the ways and means through your contacts network to provide images of the following 'Redcaps' who lost their lives during the 1955-59 Cyprus Emergency:


I ask, because as editor of the Cyprus section of Britain's Small Wars website,

I am also associated with the British Cyprus Memorial Trust project, which will be unveiling a monument on Remembrance Sunday this year in the old British Cemetery in Kyrenia to the 371 service personnel who died during the EOKA conflict. Each men will have his name inscribed in the granite.

Apart from the permanent memorial, I am trying to create a virtual memorial for the web. Here each individual will have a page, giving brief biographical details and, hopefully, a photograph of the person. Once up on the web, relatives and friends will be able to add their thoughts. If we receive any photographs from your former colleagues, these will be used. So far we have illustrative images for only about 40 of those who died and none for those named above.

The patron of the British Cyprus Memorial Trust is the Duke of Wellington, Commanding Officer of the Royal Horse Guards during the Cyprus Emergency.

The Trustees include General Sir John Waters, who saw active service in Cyprus with the Gloucestershire Regiment, Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Graydon, president of the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust, former Chief of the Air Staff and who served in Cyprus in the early 1960s, and Lieut. General Sir Henry Beverley, who was in Cyprus on active service with the Royal Marines.

The three linked associations which the Trust represents are:

The British Cyprus Veterans Association, membership of which is open to all those who have served with the British Armed Forces in Cyprus, and the president of which is Lord Glentoran who was there during the 1955-59 Emergency with the Grenadier Guards;

The Cyprus Memorial Family Association, for relatives of those remembered on the memorial, and the president of which is the Earl of Ilchester, whose cousin and then heir to his title, was killed in Famagusta in 1958 while serving with the Royal Horse Guards; and

Friends of the Cyprus Memorial, which includes the Royal British Legion, and the president of which is The Lord Maginnis of Drumglass, a former officer with the Ulster Defense Regiment (now the Royal Irish Regiment)

The chairman of the management committee is former MP Michael Stephen, a barrister specializing in international affairs who saw service with The Life Guards.

Any help you can give will be gratefully appreciated.

Regards, David Carter".

17.07.2009:I have received this request from Peter Singleton-can anyone help with information?
"To begin with I have to confess I'm ex RAF, and not even Police. Sorry! I'm now living in Cyprus and have made some genuine Cypriot friends. One of them is a twin to a sister who was adopted, at 1 month old, by a RMP Sgt. Maj. in Famagusta in 1960, and he has been trying to make contact with her all his life. He has very little to go on. Apparently, he, the adopter, was the only Scotsman serving with the RMP at Famagusta in 1960; he was a Sgt Maj and his name was Andrew Mac-something. From my limited research, he must have been with 3 Infantry Bgde or 227 GHQ Provost Coy. He had a Spanish wife named Margharita and they left Cyprus with their adopted daughter in 63/64. Her name was Athena but Andrew and Margharita changed it to Maria. I do understand if you just come back to me with a 'Sorry we can't help you'. However, this was 49 years ago, and I cannot see that anything but good could come out of this. I do hope you can help me. Regards, Peter Singleton".

21.03.2009:I have had the following request from , KEN ROCHESTER, RAF. Can anyone throw any light on it please?
"Hello Redcap, I am trying to find details of a death while I was serving in the RAF in Aden,I have googled every permutation and come up with nothing!I thought perhaps you have members who served there in 1961-63 time?The death was an alleged suicide by a Cpl armourer(RAF)who persuaded a teenager to pretend shoot with a revolver that he had loaded and he was shot.Apparently he was Gay and after the young boy(frowned upon then ,and illegal in the military!),the young boys father was I believe a chief Tech in the RAF .Myself and a friend were first on the scene and could do very little until medical help arrived ,at this point the Cpl died.So ,we were all driven to Steamer point military police HQ for questioning and statements then released!The Inquest was held in camera and after that we heard nothing.Certain things we observed at the scene made us doubt the story we were told.So ,if you have members who recall this I would like to hear from them! Regards Ken Rochester(ex RAF )".

06.03.2009:I have received the following message seeking information about ROBERT HENRY JOHNSON-RMP.
"Hi, I wonder if you might be able to help me in any way. My friend and I are writing a book about a man called Robert Henry Johnson, we have it on good authority that he was out in Hong Kong in the RMP in 1948 altho we are not sure with which detachment, we believe he may have been at aberdeen barracks, altho that may be tenuous. The reason we are writing about Bob is because whilst he was in HK he started training in kung fu and came back to England as a Master in around 1953. He was greatly responsible for providing the foundations for eastern martial arts in the Midlands and we are hoping to record as much about his life as we can. Robert came from Leicester. I have checked the squad photos that you have on this site and the only johnson from around that period is in squad 84, but I dont think its him as that was 1949. could you give me any suggestion on how to find more about bob`s history please. We did try the RMP, but as we aren't family they haven't helped. Best regards. Peter Smith".

I have received this request from PAUL JACKSON:
"Hi, Please can you help track down the following who served in Cyprus District Provost Company from 1964 to 1967, there is a reunion planned later this year and we would like to add the following to the 30 we already contacted.Jason Carter;Ginger Airey;Maggie Bale;Jock Osler;Sandy Lawson;Robin Taylor;Tom Philips;Maggie Yeadon;Chris Rennie;Lynne Grey;Bob Walker.
Many thanks for your help, Paul:Phone: (Spain) 0034-950064726:Mobile 669359921:Skype: paul.jackson2".

I have had this request from RAY PEARSON.
"Can you help please? I am doing research on my Father 7687179 L/CPL Joseph William Pearson who enlisted in the CRMP at Eltham on 26.3.40. He was a sergeant in the Police force and there was an appeal to the police force for members to join the CRMP. He was discharged under Para 390 0n 24.3.41. He should never have been volunteered as only a few years earlier he had just recovered from Rheumatic Fever. Which, I think was the reason he was discharged. Because of his medical history my mother went ballistic when he came home and told her. But joining the CRMP saved his life as the sergeant who replaced him at the station where he was stationed was sitting at his desk at the same time Dad would have been when the station received a direct hit and he was killed. In his memories he states-“As I had told the officer in charge that I was keen on motorcycles, and had driven and owned many and therefore knew how to repair them, he asked me to form a dispatch rider section as they did not have one but now the war was on. I had to instruct the new recruits how the motorbikes functioned and teach them how to drive them. At first I was issued with three Norton motorbikes and asked to detail four soldiers out of my squad to carry one of them up the stairs into the barrack room and put it on the table. My job was to instruct how the motorcycle worked then after about three days I would take them on to the barrack square and teach them to drive it and start up. When I was satisfied, they would have to pass the barrack square test. I had obstacles laid out in arrangement with the commanding officer, who incidentally was Mr Neville Chamberlain’s nephew, to see if they were fit for me to take them out onto the road for further instruction. When I thought they were okay they were issued with the necessary documents". Although my father passed away in 1999 do you have a roll of those who were in the CRMP? I wonder if you can assist me with any more information or whether this detail is of interest. Also, on your pages you have squad photographs. Would any have been taken in th 1940’s and if so have you any on your site? Ray Pearson".

Can anyone help with the following request?
"Hello, just had a look at your web site and i found it very interesting, but I was wondering if you could help me in anyway????. My late father Ronald James Hawkins served with 65 coy Royal army Service Corps 1952/54, at montebello barracks Trieste.Our only memories of when he was stationed there are the stories which he told. He did how ever tell us that when the RASC,REME and LF withdrew from Trieste in October 1954 the Military Police were to head the convoy on their way back to Germany,I have been writing letters and sending emails far and wide to see if any one has any photographs of this convoy as my father was very proud to have been part of this, his duties during the convoy where as a dispatch rider and road patrols, I do hope you can help Kind regards, Martin Hawkins".

17 Gurkha Pro.Coy:I have received the following request for information."Hi, I am a retired Police Inspector, member of the Indian Military Historical Society, the Military Historical Society and a committee member of the Gurkha Welfare Trust for E Anglia. I am also a collector of insignia relating to the Brigade of Gurkhas. At present I am reseaching the Gurkha Military Police from its origins as 17 Prov coy (Gurkha). Do you have any of your members that may have served with the GMP in it's early years that may be able to assist with uniform etc ? It appears to be a bit of a poor relation as far as the gurkha museum is concerned. If anyone is interested I can provide a phone number or communicate via E mail. Many thanks. Steve Matthews (Ex Met)".

EDDIE HUGHES wants to know if anyone remembers the "Shoot" at Bisley? in June/July 1956? The medallion below was awarded to the winners.
MIKE DAVIES replies: "I took part in this RMP Depot team shooting at Bisley then and have such a medal. If I remember correctly the Depot Team came second to the Green Howards, losing by one mark. Nerves by the last shooter of the depot team got the better of him with his last shot to win. (Something I expect to a footballer on a penalty shoot out has to score with his kick to win!)"

And talking about "Shoots", JACQUELINE CHILCOTT has sent me this message: "I don’t suppose that you have any pictures of Miss Cop Drive or Miss Cop Shoot in your possession do you ? I was the Original Miss Cop Shoot in 1978 and 1979 run by the RMP team in Bulford I was also Miss Cop Drive !!! I would dearly love a copy of the picture it was published in either Soldier Magazine or Police Review on the front cover it might have been an RMPA mag but not sure. Jacqueline Chilcott 1978-1981". Can anyone help with information and/or pictures please?In response-04.01.2009-'Miss Cop Drive' pic now in 158 album-thanks to Colin Whatman

Can anyone remember which units/badges were based in Goodwood Barracks, Celle, BAOR at various times? Details to me please.

"Can you assist with a query please? In 1967 I attended the 71st (Summer Course Number 3) 1 (BR) Corps Outward Bound Centre Isejfaer, Norway. To complete of the personal survival test. After jumping from a cliff into a fjord, treading water and removing your clothing/kit, you were required to swim to a boat moored out in the fjord and climb onto it unaided. You were then asked if you would ‘volunteer’ to swim back to the shore where you would be awarded the ‘Dolphin’. This was a small brass figure of a dolphin (still in my possession) to acknowledge your achievement. Your name and unit were entered on a board along with others who had been successful in the return swim. On the course I attended, just two of us were successful and our names were duly added to the board. If I recall it correctly it was painted green and the writing was in gold. Does anyone know if this board still exists and its location? Regards, Idris Davies.

"Hi, I came across your excellent website and was wondering if you or any of your colleagues could help me. My dad served in the Royal Military Police (during the last year of national service I believe) in Hong Kong, allied to the Gurkhas. It is his 70th birthday this March 2009, and I have booked a week's holiday for myself and him in Hong Kong as he has never been back. It is a surprise visit which is why the information I have is quite vague, and I am looking for any information on barracks that he may have been located in and any information about the histoy of the RMP in Hong Kong. Also, if anyone recalls Robert (Rab) Mackellar and has any interesting stories information or contact details then it would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Craig Mackellar".
Response from Richard Bowen: "Hi Ian, Re the entry from Craig Mackellar on 16.10.08. I can only say that he would have been based in the New Territories. I.e. Either Sek Kong or Fanling. The rest of us were at Whitfield Bks., Nathan Road, Kowloon, or on HK Island, at Victoria Barracks. Sorry I can't help more. Dick Bowen".

JOHN (married to ANNE) WILSON & DAVE THIRLAWAY, who both lived in Lorzing Straße, Minden in 1974/5, please contact me ASAP.

Query from P.ASHERP:Does anyone know of a MARCUS/DAVID SCOTT who served in Germany from 1963 to 1970? He changed his name in late 1960's from DOLING to SCOTT. He is known to have spent some time in a BMH in Germany and was in the Merchant Navy prior to joining RMP.

Information required on when the Hong Kong Pro.Coy. moved from Hong Kong (Whitfield Bks) to Sham Shui Po Camp2? Colin Carnall, ex R30b squad would like to know.

Does anyone have knowledge of the surviving relatives of Sgt.D.R.KINNEAR, RMP.SIB, who was killed in Korea 5th August 1951, and is buried in Pusan Cemetery? Details to me please.

Does anyone have a sew-on cloth 1 BR Corps flash (white spear on red diamond) and RMP shoulder regimental flash in good condition? Terry McFall is seeking one! Let me know and I'll inform Terry.

ALAN STEPHENSON has a large number of Corps Journals from the 1950's & 1960's for sale or would be prepared to exchange for old military photos/photo albums:- Contact Alan