LOOKING FOR INFORMATION REQUIRED-LAST UPDATE...14th November 2016. Looking for information on former RMP Ellie Lawson (nee Bytner).

14.11.2016:I would like to get in touch with Ellie Lawson (nee Bytner). We last served together in Herford Det 114 Pro Coy 79/80. I last met Ellie at the Depot in 84. Happy for my email to be passed to anyone who may rememeber me. Terry Stanton. Contact Ian for Terry's e-mail address.

10.07.2016:Brian Sills is seeking to contact Charlie Griffiths from Manchester (lived near the Zoo) who served with him in Singapore early 1960's. Details to Ian please.

10.07.2016:Does anyone have information on former RSM James Albert RUMSEY CMP/RMP? His MOD records say very little, stating only that he ranked up to RSM. His medals are the normal WW2, 1939-45 Africa star with 8th Army; Italy:France:Germany Star;Defence War medal with Oak Leaf. Somebody must remember him? Details to Ian please.

09.07.2016:Hello Ian, Im looking for info on the RMP Motorcycle Display Team which existed in the early 80s - not sure when (if?) it was disbanded or how long it was in place - but 7 white Triumph TR7T Trail motorcycles were sent to the display team in 1982. Do you know anything about the team, or any of its members. I would be interested in corresponding with any who might be around and finding out about the team. My area of interest is Triumph motorcycles, in particularly the Tiger Trails which were made in very limited numbers for 1982 and 1983. Charles Rising. Please send details to Ian.

04.07.2016:Dear Ian Winifred Ward (my aunt) is the sister of Jack Sigley who served in the Coldstream Guards during WW2 and then in the RMP. He was at Inkerman and also served in Malaya and Singapore. Jack died aged 72 in 1990 in Formby Lancashire. My aunt says she keeps thinking about him so I have been trying to find information and photographs. Through your excellent site I found a photo Training Squad no .423. I would be most grateful if I could connect with members of the squad or others who may have known Jack or if any records and photos that relate to him still exist. Regards Philip Sigley. Details to Ian please.

20.06.2016:Ian, I am looking for any information you might have on Les Fryer, a member of Squad 685. We can see that he contributed the squad photo and wondered if this meant you had direct contact with him. We know that he was stationed at the Inkerman Barracks near Brookwood in the 1950s and believe that he was posted to Singapore or Hong Kong close to that time. Please can you shed any more light on this? Thank you ever so much; your website has already been really interesting and helpful.With kind regards, Liz Webb.

20.05.2016:Can anyone help find information on Kenneth Macrae RMP? Good afternoon Ian, I am emailing you as I was trying to find out information online about the Royal Military Police and to date your website looks the most informative that I have found. I am currently in the final stages of publishing a book for our family about my 87-year old grandfather, Kenneth Macrae, DOB: 04/03/1930, born in Ullapool (Elphin), Scotland. At the age of 18, he signed up for the Royal Artillery, completed his 6-weeks basic training and after expressing an interest to join the Military Police he underwent training for the RMP for 6-months in 1948 at Surrey, South of London. He was then deployed to Benghazi, North Africa from 1948 - 1950/1951, he makes reference in our recordings to being made a Corporal in April 1949 at the age of 19-years, as the previous Corporal was killed in service. He also served a term in Trobuk and Libya, after which he left the military, returned to Scotland and later immigrated to New Zealand, where he eventually ended up joining the New Zealand Police and worked until retirement (33-years)

He is still alive and his mental sharpness is still very intact but he can not remember his service number etc and he has only two photos of himself in the desert, none in uniform. I have been searching many online websites trying to find out any information to link him to his military service.

I have also emailed the UK Defense Forces but I have to complete a form and they informed me that I have to have his service number, squad etc. I am so interested in finding out more information and to be able to pass any onto my grandfather which would be absolutely amazing but I personally am coming up with nothing every time.

I have been scrolling through your roll and unofficial roll and also through some photo's, I was desperately hoping to find something but the excitement I felt in finding something was short lived as I could not find anything.

I email in hope that you may be able to help me with this? I would greatly appreciate any assistance or feedback that you may be able to give.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards, Sheree Macrae, New Zealand.

29.3.2016: I am looking to get in touch with Gerald (Ged) Gavison. He is mentioned in your nominal roll. He was born in Worksop in 1959 and in 1985 his address was 176 Provost company RMP BFPO 807. I am a keen collector of York and Lancaster medals and I have a fine group of medals to a member of his family I am hoping he can help me with some background to my research. I am hoping too that he will be interested to know of the current whereabouts of the medals. Andrew Grantham. Replies to Ian please.

27.1.2016:Hi Ian. I'm looking to contact Bill Rowe (R35). It refers to a time when we were serving in 4 Div Pro Coy, Herford. I'm also looking to contact John Alexander McKelvie Hunter (Nickname Cabby/Gabby), also of R35 and Dave Hickman (4 Div and Hong Kong) Graham R. Booth. Replies to Ian please.

1.1.2016:I have received the following from Ken Maher. If anyone can help with stories, info etc., please contact me.

My name is Ken Maher and I made contact with you two or three years ago regarding the History of Birdwood Barracks in Bunde Germany. (I still live near Bunde in Germany)

I was writing the history of the camp and received some info and a few photos from you of a couple of lads who served in Birdwood Barracks, Bob Hart was one of them, I also found the name of Eric Heath in the notes I have regarding the History of Birdwood Barracks.

I found out about an intended presentation here in Germany to go on display in 2017, "70 years British Army in Germany" being organized by the city of Paderborn, in conjunction with the State Government of North Rhine Westfalia (NRW) at a cost of about 40000.000.

I contacted them and explained that I had this half finished history of Birdwood Barracks, (1953 to 1993, the 6 Armd Div, 2nd Arm Div ending with the 1st Armd Div). The person responsable for the presentation was very interested in having a copy.

The Initiative gave me a bucket full of motivation and I completed the Birdwood History as good as my knowledge permits and sent it to them. They were very happy with it, especially the SOXMIS Involvement. (It is no longer classified, the Rusky boys left 25 odd years ago)

The Paderborn City Government are keen to make sure that no one is upset if the photos etc get used in the presentation, I can send you a copy (29 pages) and you can check if any problems from you side will present themselves. The organisers are looking for any stories or information of a personal or military nature that any one may have that could be of interest to the time of the BAOR in NRW.

Ken Maher.

15.12.2015:This is a reference to the Argentinian surrender on the Falklands from Lt.Col. Peter Andrews MPSC."To get the Astiz saga correct the Royal Military Police did not in fact guard Cdr Astiz as he was directly under my custody from the time of being handed over to me by the Royal Marines until the time I handed him over to the Brazilian authorities in Brazil. Whilst in the Keep at Chichester he was guarded by a detachment of MPSC".

12.12.2015:Dear Ian, many thanks for your help in contacting Mike (Tuscher). Unfortunately I have not heard from him. If you should hear from him I would be very grateful if you would pass on my contact details. Wishing you and all Redcaps a great 2016. Regards, Paul Ruefli. paul.ruefli@icloud.com If anyone knows of Mike's whereabouts (last known address was East Street, Colchester, Essex) please let either Paul or myself know.

12.11.2015: Ian. I am looking for any of my mates in 590 squad. I know it is a long time ago. Fingers crossed. Thank you for any help you can give me .Terry Wilton. I will pass on any info to Terry-Ian.

20.08.2015:Hi! Ian, My name is Peter Johnston. I served in the corps between 1965 and 1974. Places served were Grobbendonk in Belgium, Rheindahlen, Singapore, Detmold, Aldershot and N.Ireland. I would love to be in contact with any of my old comrades. Especially Bill Wells, with whom I served both in Rheindahlen and Singapore. Your help in this matter would be most appreciated. Regards, Peter Johnston. jockyj7544@yahoo.com

06.08.2015:Hi Ian, Could I request that you include a request from me [Lynda Larner] for someone to upload a squad photo for 7405? Thanks Lynds.

16.07.2015:Does anyone know Robbie Thomas? If so, please contact me.

Hi. I was stationed in Cyprus in 1974-1975 as a Canadian peacekeeper after the invasion of the islands by Turkey I met and chummed around with a young MP named Robbie Thomas Later he was posted to Germany as was I but we never had a chance to get together I lost touch and wondered how I Would be able to track him down I am going to be in England for a month in the fall and would like to find him. Any thoughts on how I could find him.? Frank Reid

06.07.2015:Can you help locate former RMP Tony Coulbeck? If so, please let me know.

Hi Ian, I am trying to locate Anthony Ralph Coulbeck. He joined the Corps as a VT from the Guards serving with 24 Ind Inf Bde. Pro Coy in East Africa in the late 50s early60s and went to Chichester for training with squad R 19a. Do you happen to have a contact address for him ? Kindest Regards Dereck Foskett. 06.07.2015.

I have received the following request for information.

If you can help please contact me. Ian.

Dear Mr Dixon I came across your web site and wondered whether you might be able to help me in some research related to an article I am writing. My mother was an Estonian refugee at the end of WW2 and found herself in Eckernfoerde, a small town in Schleswig-Holstein on the Baltic coast. She joined the UNRRA Team 81 and looked after Jewish women survivors from the Stutthof concentration camp. My mother told me a story that an RMP had one Saturday evening walked from his barracks near Eckernfoerde – between May 1945 and February 1947 when my mother left for England – into the town for a night out. He did not return. His body was found in a ditch the following day. He had had his throat slit and had been robbed. His belongings were found in the possession of a displaced person in the DP camp in Eckernfoerde. In 1976, between school and university, I worked on a building site. One of the bricklayers had been a RMP stationed in Eckernfoerde and told me exactly the same story. I have been in contact with Richard Callaghan, Curator of the RMP Museum, but has been unable to find any reference to such a murder. I wondered what suggestions you might have in locating an account of this murder? Many thanks. Regards Dr Anthony Hamber (19.06.2015).

Hi Ian, I have been looking at your website and found it very enjoyable and informative, with a bit of luck I have attached some photo's, please feel free to use them. My Father was Kenneth Lumb, regimental number 22465211. I have been looking for service information about him, as I believe he was involved in a murder case in Germany in the early 50's. Not sure if this is correct but I think a BSM Williams had murdered his wife and my father was involved in the case. He also served with the vice section I think but not certain of this. He may have been part of the polar bear 49th Div. His 2 brothers also served. A RSM Robert Lumb and Arthur Lumb. They were all on parade at the queens coronation. My Mother also served in the RMP Constance Lumb nee Ismay. I would be gratefull if you have any information on my father and the case he was involved in. Many Thanks Chris Lumb (18.06.2015)

I have received the following request from Mark Burman, BBC. If you can assist please contyact Mark directly.

Dear Ian, (Subject:BBC Radio 4 Query:Former RMP @ Roussillon in 1982) we are making a BBC Radio 4 documentary based on newly released documents which tell the story of the journey Alfredo Astiz, notorious member of Argentina's ESMA Torture centre made to the UK following his capture on South Georgia during the Falklands War. We want to find any of those tasked with guarding Astiz during his short stay in the Keep in June 1982. Sadly I think William Sumpter passed in 2000 but the lady who now runs the estate agents who converted Roussillon told me former RMP's still come in and talk about Astiz - he was the only one they were guarding it seems!

If you could spread the word or indeed know of a likely name then please do contact me or post something like this message;

Did you guard Alfredo Astiz in The Keep at Roussillon in June 1982?. If so BBC Radio would like to hear from you.Please contact Mark Burman mark.burman@bbc.co.uk 07900647185 or mark.burman@bbc.co.uk

Hope you can help,

Mark Burman.

Ian's comments:Remember to check with authorities whether any information that you give is legal and not subject to Official Secrets Act etc.,

I have received a photo from Craig, son of late SSgt. Les Sutherland. Can anyone identify occasion, date etc.,Refer Albums, Unidentified-LesSutherland2.jpg Please let me know-Ian.

Hi Ian, Could you please include a message on your site I am searching for anybody including attached ( ACC &REME ) who served in Osnabruck 2Div Pro Coy or 12 Bde. Pro. Unit. between the Years 1965 to 1970. Easy way to contact is via Facebook Osnabruckers reunited. Paul Torr.

30.03.2015:I have received the following request. Can any former 101 RMP help?

Hi, first of all I would like to thank you for your very interesting web page. I found many useful information there. Last year i purchased a military land rover, that was in service in the 101 provost company (1963-1972) in the Northern Germany. The car is already in nearly original conditions, and i would like to restore it to the "in use" conditions. The car has been imported first to italy in the 70's and then i drove it all the way to Vienna. I found already some excellent pictures and examples of similar cars in service in Germany, but i would like to ask directly the guys who actually drove it every day. Maybe you could put me in touch with some of your contacts who served in the subject company in the period 63-72. That would be a great help for my restoration. Thank you. Best regards, Nicola Levi.

28.03.2014:Hi Ian. I am trying to trace a long lost friend from my time at 156 Pro Coy RMP 1977 to 1979. His name is Bob Campbell (Chichester squad 7610) Hopeful that you can help.alex.laird999@gmail.com Regards Alex (Jock) Laird

Hello, Could you help me in finding out which (RMP) Coy. was in York Barracks Munster at this time 1965-1965?. I am looking for Denis Adams I think) his name was. I was with 10 Hussars in the Bks at that time. Thank you for any help. Alan Powney. Contact: alan44@outlook.com

Does anyone know a Cpl.Andrew Martin Rennie RMP from Scotland, who married Margaret in Gibraltar in 1952. He served in Cyprus 1961 until 1963/4?